October ,2 2016
Disney’s Unanswered Questions

And the story begins with a conundrum. Have you ever been obsessed with a riddle? Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to discern the right answer. Lately, I find myself thinking a lot about the complicated backstories for Disney characters and films. Not to say that every character needs an incredibly detailed backstory, but I like my characters and my plots to be pretty solid and full proof.

Despite my love of Disney, they are a company of humans like every other company, which means that sometimes plot details can slip by or remain unanswered. So I wrote out a list of some of the nagging questions I've picked up on lately. Here are some of the questions I want answered and how I try to rationalise them out to myself, haha!

Do the elephants in The Lion King go to the elephant graveyard to die or are their bones collected there? If they're collected, who collects them?

It makes sense that the elephant graveyard is a sacred and forbidden place for a few reasons. First, because it is a graveyard. You'd want to be respectful of the dead, of course. Plus, as Mufasa explains to Simba, the graveyard exists outside of the borders of the Pride Lands. But, why would the elephants choose to gather there to die? Why would they want to go to the bad exteriors of the Pride Lands? Yet, why would anyone want to collect their bones for one location? Bonzai, Shenzi, and Ed are seen lurking around there throughout the film but they're not the most active group. I'm sure they have better things to do than gathering old bones in hopes of getting a shot at some left over food.

How can Nick sell Mr. Big a skunk rug in Zootopia?

And no it has nothing to do with Nick's moral compass and his former con-artist ways. Think about it: Zootopia is a city where animals live anthropomorphic lives. Yet, Nick sells a skunk rug, the pelt of another citizen hypothetically, to Mr. Big. Does that mean there are some animals that aren't in Zootopia and would still be considered 'animals' and lesser? It's not like a skunk could have given the pelt without being killed. Unless, there's some sort of way to donate your body to the furniture store when you die? But still, wouldn't the other animals find that really messed up? It would be like Ramsay Bolton wearing a human skin coat. That's just sick!

Are the only animals who can speak in The Emperor's New Groove all people under a magic spell?

When Kuzco is transformed into a llama he is able to communicate with any human that tries to interact with him. In fact, the movie makes it so apparent that humans have no problem talking to him. But, the other animals, the llamas for example, cannot understand him. As the film progresses, we see a similar pattern: when the guards are transformed into a variety of different animals, they still speak English and are understood. Yet, when Kuzco encounters the jaguars in the forest, they neither speak nor can understand him because they're not humans transformed into animals. Riddle me this then: the only animal in the wild that Kuzco understands is a helpless fly stuck in a web begging to be saved by a silent spider. Is that fly actually a human under a magic spell? If it is, that scene is even more disturbing than it already seems.

How old is Prince Adam in Beauty and the Beast?

Seems pretty straightforward but it definitely isn't. The residents of the castle mention that they have been under the Enchantress' spell for 10 years. Okay, great. But Beast must learn to love and be loved in return before the last petal falls off the rose on his 21st birthday. That would imply that the Beast was cursed at the age of 11! What kind of Enchantress would curse a bratty 11 year old child? I've been told this is probably a script error, but it seems too crucial to have been forgotten by the scriptwriting team. If he was 11, it makes Prince Adam's behaviour seem not that extreme. Kids are mean. Why punish and sentence him to a horrible fate for one mistake? Not too mention that if he was 11, where were his parents?

Who can curse you with the power of ice in Frozen?

When Elsa's parents take her to see the Trolls, the Trolls ask whether or not Elsa's powers are the product of a curse or if she was born with them. The Trolls wouldn't have mentioned that there were other forms of attaining the powers if there wasn't a different way to proceed with helping the family depending on the answer. Regardless, who has the power to curse someone with ice powers? Is there some sort of evil witches cult? If Elsa's powers can be a curse and it's known that it could be so, why is everyone so afraid of her? Shouldn't this be a common knowledge problem?

Well there you have all the questions on my mind these days. I bet as time goes on I'll have even more. Do you have any theories retaining to these? Or do you have any unanswered Disney questions of your own?


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