October ,31 2016
Top 5 Disney Villain Songs

And the story begins on Halloween night. Can you believe we're at Halloween 2016 already? Tonight, thousands of people head out for tricks-or-treats or prepare to get scared out of their minds with a selections of blood-curdling films. Truth be told, I'm not one for dressing up in costumes myself, but I enjoy seeing what great imaginative ideas people think of every year. My bets are on Jedi and superheroes being the most popular. Anyone dressed as the Flash at my house is getting extra treats.

I was torn about what spookctacular aspect of the frightful night I should write about. Finally, I settled on the perfect choice. Who brings to mind all the scary, scheming of Halloween better than villains? A villain has all the fun tonight. Disney is chalk full of these gruesome bad guys and if anything, they love to express themselves in some wickedly good tunes.

This is my Halloween countdown of the best and scariest Disney villain songs!

5. "Poor Unfortunate Souls" - Ursula from The Little Mermaid


Ursula was definitely playing the long game. Desperate to overthrow King Triton, Ursula target's his daughter, Ariel, instead. Praying on Ariel's naivety and her desire to be human, she manipulates Ariel into signing away her freedom in a contract working in Ursula's favour. Purposefully bewitching Prince Eric into falling in love with another woman, herself, Ursula is able to see Ariel fail in her quest for true love. In doing so, Ursula claims Ariel as her reward and catches King Triton in her web in the process.

4. "Mine, Mine, Mine" - Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas


On the surface, Ratcliffe is one extremely power hungry man. While he forces his men to ruthlessly pursue his fantasies of gold in New England, the outcome of his relentless search spells doom for everyone. Sparking conflict between the settlers and the Indigenous, Ratcliffe ultimately ends up preaching racial hatred to annihilate the settlers' 'enemies.' Retrospectively, in a real life scenario, the actions of those like Ratcliffe contributed to the systematic removal of Indigenous persons in the area. You may be wondering why I didn't pick "Savages" instead? Simply, because it all starts in these beginning moments with these motivations.

3. "Friends On The Other Side (Reprise)" - Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog


I remember being so disturbed when I first saw this scene. Dr. Facilier pays the ultimate price for making a deal with the Devil. To retain his magical voodoo powers, Facilier sells his soul to his 'friend' on the other side. Yet, when collection time arrives, Facilier is less than willing to comply. He's dragged, screaming into hell while the demons of the fiery pits chant his impending doom. Not the way you want to go.

2. "Hellfire" - Judge Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame


Speaking of hell, Claude Frollo faces his demons when he meets Esmerelda. Struck by her beauty, Frollo lusts after her while simultaneously being disgusted by her gypsy ways. Not too mention being distraught with himself over his weakness. He contends that if Esmerelda won't succumb to his sexual advances, he'll ensure she's burned alive at the stake as a gypsy witch. Tackling not only sexual themes, murder, and hell, this song is anything but kid-friendly.

1. "Be Prepared" - Scar from The Lion King


If there is an award for the worst brother alive, Scar is waiting to receive it. Plotting to outright murder his brother and his nephew for the sake of power, Scar thinks only of himself and the greatness he thinks he deserves. As if fratricide and nepoticide aren't bad enough, he self-imposes himself as a Nazi-esque dictator and kills or drives away all life in the Pride Lands. Remorseless to his last breath, if anyone deserves to be haunted in the afterlife, it's Scar.

I'll shout out an honourable mention to "The Mob Song" from The Beauty and the Beast for it's frightening mob mentality and chanting. Honestly, I hate chanting. Even if it's happy. I hate it.

Happy Halloween!


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