February ,22 2017
Personalizing Your Think-Space

And the story begins on a foggy February day. Currently, I am on reading break from university and these last few days have been spent in glorious relaxation. Within that time of relaxation, I have managed to pop back onto my cozy blog space that I love so much.

I've felt slightly out of touch with the blogging world lately. As usual, the first few months of the year flew by. Cramming more things into my daily schedule would probably make my planner explode! Though ideas for blog ideas stumble across my mind every once in awhile so I'm not completely forsaken, haha!

Today, though not necessarily creative writing related, I thought I would take you on a tour of my think-space at school. Academic writing requires the same amount of comfort as creative writing, as I'm sure all school goers can attest. If I'm not cozy and surrounded by my own personal affects, there's no way I'm not going to get insanely tired or fall down a Pinterest wormhole. (But seriously Pintrest is so addictive!)

So without further adieu, here it is: my think-space! Ta-da!

Not very glamorous, but it's home away from home for me when I spend eternity-long days on campus. I'm fortunate that as a grad student I get my own office which is great for leaving books or coats. Nothing is more cumbersome than lugging around your entire life while at school. I share my office space with three other people. Though that can be taxing at times, its nice to have other people around to brighten the space up. Not to mention, you may have noticed the chess set on the upper shelf of my desk. My office mate and I have an ongoing game of chess, which makes everyday a little bit more fun.

An absolute must-have essential for me is a calendar. I was fortunate enough to get my Disney inspired (are you surprised?) calendar from my best-friend, Ana, at Christmas. Not only does it ensure I don't forget what day it is - trust me, it's happened before - but I can look ahead to plan my weekends and assignments accordingly. In addition to the calendar, I have my trustee planner on hand at all times. That's the blue book with the little globe on it in the foreground of the picture. Half of the time when my days are jammed to the brim with things to remember, my planner is a saving grace. You never know when you'll be sitting at your desk and all of a sudden forget when an assignment is due. At an arms length away, there's no fear with this beauty.

What is a think-space without all your books? These days I tend to be surrounded by textbooks all the time. Having them in nice organized piles on the shelves around me means I know exactly where everything is in the room. There's no need to frantically turn over every book only to find that the one you needed was on the floor.

Spare scrap paper is something my fellow office mates are always asking me for. So, I tend to keep a book full of graph paper (not sure why it's graph, honestly) on my desk all the time in case I need to jot something down quickly or lend some to a friend. Not to mention, it's perfect for a good doodle break. To create the best quality doodles - I mean, work - I need to have all the necessary writing supplies. Pens, pencils, highlighters, whatever I need. You never know when you need to start highlighting and important passage or when a splash of red ink will make your zombie drawing look all the more gruesome.

Nevertheless, the most important feature of any desk are the posters you put up! For the longest time, I didn't have any posters and, let me tell you, my think-space was so boring. Finally, I got around to adding those personal touches and it's helped with that homey feeling so much more. A quick glance at some of mine: Captain Hook's pirate ship The Jolly Roger, the crest of the Hudson's Bay Company (prominent in my studies), a linguistics joke that always makes me laugh, and the four elements from Avatar: the Last Airbender to remind me of finding balance in all things.

All combined like the secret recipe for crime fighting - well, combating assignments, at least - I can settle down to work in comfort and luxury even though I'm miles away from my home. Let's not forget you have to throw a laptop, iPod, and some Beats into that mix. But let's be real, before technology, people were studying just fine.

Thus, we have come to an end of our tour. Nothing revolutionary, if I'm honest, but everything is a God send in helping me stay organized and on track of things. Hope all of you are doing splendidly and I think we'll be talking a lot more frequently. Fingers-crossed!


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