About the Author

Author, poetess, history nerd, and Disney dreamer, Novellette is the pen name of me, Emily! I began this digital journalling journey in 2014 when my desire to write creatively became overwhelming while studying at university.

Years later, I am now a proud PhD student continuing to take every twist and turn the world can throw at me.

Still, the passion for creative writing is strong and thriving. Honestly, if I didn't give these characters life I think my brain would not be able to handle it. Experimenting with all genres, I use Novellette as my smorgasbord for my absolute need to write. My creative writing career started in high school when a selection of my short stories and poems were published. They went on to be housed in the Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa, Canada. Yes, I'm a Canadian girl, through and through. From then on, I composed my first book Altai and have been living the writer's dream since. As well as searching for an antique typewriter one shop at a time.

I am a bit of a secret wannabe time-traveller and love using my enthusiasm for history to influence my desire to write fictional pieces from a variety of historical eras.

I take pleasure from the simple beauties of life, like root beer floats and cold pizza. Bake me peanut butter cookies and I'm sure we'll be best friends. I probably laugh a little to much and quote The Lion King way too often. But if you don't remember who you are...*wink-wink* then there's no point in going on.

So, become a character in the story of my life. If you've ever wanted to be in a story, here's your chance!

The Nom De Plume Novellette

Novelettes are often sentimental stories, even shorter than the more common place novella. I maintain life is filled with different chapters that move quickly or ever so slowly as we get older and experience varying opportunities. The person following along on the keyboard or swirling each cursive letter in composition is me. Each adventure of my life is a part of my story. I share bits of my life's chapters with you through each post. All of them are novelettes of my bigger story which make up of the novel of my life. What better way to completely affirm my devotion to my craft?

The change of traditional spelling is purely a linguistically stylistic choice. Personally, I feel the matching double consonants allude to a given name more naturally than the original.

xo Novellette