February ,22 2017
Personalizing Your Think-Space

And the story begins on a foggy February day. Currently, I am on reading break from university and these last few days have been spent in glorious relaxation. Within that time of relaxation, I have…

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December ,31 2016
New Year, New Story

And the story begins on New Year’s Eve. The year 2016 has come to a close. Amongst all the parities, bottles of champagne, and fun times that come with ringing in a New Year, reflecting…

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October ,31 2016
Top 5 Disney Villain Songs

And the story begins on Halloween night. Can you believe we’re at Halloween 2016 already? Tonight, thousands of people head out for tricks-or-treats or prepare to get scared out of their minds with a selections…

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October ,24 2016
A Peanuts Halloween

And the story begins with a Halloween classic. I know you’re probably thinking that I have broken my Disney and literature mould. Don’t worry! Before you start tweeting at me or commenting furiously, this post…

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October ,17 2016

And the story begins with a hashtag (as most news does these days). #MakeMulanRight. This hashtag emerged on Twitter about a week and half ago and launched a serious debate about casting in Hollywood. Let…

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