October ,17 2016

And the story begins with a hashtag (as most news does these days). #MakeMulanRight. This hashtag emerged on Twitter about a week and half ago and launched a serious debate about casting in Hollywood. Let…

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October ,10 2016
Festive Feasts for Thanksgiving

And the story begins with a Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, we are at that time of year to enjoy all the cozy, feasting goodness. I’ve been using the long weekend to take a well deserved break…

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October ,2 2016
Disney’s Unanswered Questions

And the story begins with a conundrum. Have you ever been obsessed with a riddle? Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to discern the right answer. Lately, I find myself thinking a lot…

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September ,25 2016
Disney’s Feast

And the story begins with Winston. Who is Winston? We’ll get to that in a minute. It’s no surprise that Disney Animation Studios produce more animated sequences and films than their full length feature films.…

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September ,18 2016
Is Historical Fiction Good?

And the story begins with a waiting room. A seminar waiting room, in fact. Last week, while the hustle and bustle of graduate school began, the amount of introductions and new faces flourished. While I…

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